I value having a way to reach people and show them they’re not alone, and that we’re all different but we’re really not as different as we think.


I love to explore how different people see the world. From the time I was young, the way people act towards each other and society, and the reasons they do what they do, has fascinated me. Acting gives me the chance to explore how a character is feeling and why they live their life as they do, and share that with the world.

You might know me from my role as Juniper on “Hermione Granger and the Quarter life Crisis” (WATCH HERE) or as a guest host on Daily You.

Training (selected): Chekhov Technique, Linklater Voice Technique, Alexander Technique, Sedita Technique for Comedy

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Manager: Zimmerman Management • (323) 378-5052


“Stephanie is an intuitive, empathetic actress with a quirky sense of humor and a wonderful passion for story. You can expect her to commit 100% to any project. She is a great pleasure to work with!”

Tess Kirch, Tess Kirsh Studios, clients on NCIS: NOLA, Criminal Minds, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, How I Met Your Mother, and more

Stephanie has such a lovely quirkiness that she brings to her craft in both comedy & drama. It makes her grounded work so memorable, charming & unique to watch!

Carla Rosati, Annie Grindlay Studios, clients on The Mentalist, Castle, Criminal Minds, Rules of Engagement, and more

Stephanie is a wonderfully quirky and unique actress. She brings a raw vulnerability to each role, and will leave you laughing all the while.

Tony Rego, Scott Sedita Studios

“Stephanie takes on a challenge with vigor and confidence. She has a quality in her voice and execution that sets her apart from anyone else. She has that one thing that makes her special… the ‘it’ factor. A quality so quirky, lovable, and different from so many LA actors that I know that if one strong decision maker recognizes in her what I do, success is inevitable. She is a diamond in the rough.”

Michael Cushman, Acting coach and former Hollywood manager

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